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Agility Tunnel 198x40x40 cm 21.90 EUR
39.90 EUR 21.90 EUR 
Snack Dummy No limit 8.90 EUR
Original Teflon®. Ideal for education and training with positive motivation. Can be filled with dried food and snacks (not included). Easy to wipe ...
8.90 EUR 
Latex Puppy Bear 3.90 EUR
With squeeker. 10 cm.
4.90 EUR 3.90 EUR 
Puppy pads - Fleece Pads for Puppy Potty Toilet - 12 Pcs 7.90 EUR
7.90 EUR 
Doggy Training Discs 2.70 EUR
The training discs for the modern dog education. With highly visible neon rope. Detailed instructions for use.
4.40 EUR 2.70 EUR 
Dog Clicker Basic 1.70 EUR
Adjustable clicker tone. Uniform sound. Effective training due to the special sound signal. Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. With ny...
3.90 EUR 1.70 EUR 
Subtotal: 47.00 EUR


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