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X-Mas Reindeer "Oh" 6.90 EUR
With Squeezer.
12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR 
swirl - Charcoal Filter For Cat Toilet 1.60 EUR
Activated charcoal filter for swirl cat toilet. 2 Pieces.
2.29 EUR 1.60 EUR 
Latex Piglet - 15cm 1.90 EUR
With grunt sound.
3.40 EUR 1.90 EUR 
Rattan Ball Baldi-Ball For Cats 3.90 EUR
Including 2 little pillows filled with high quality valerian and German spelt. Cats love the fragrance of valerian, it will encourage your cat to p...
6.90 EUR 3.90 EUR 
X-Mas Reindeer "Glasses" 6.90 EUR
With Squeezer.
12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR 
Cool Cats Cat Pillow 4.60 EUR
Nice pillow for cats with catnip.
9.90 EUR 4.60 EUR 
Cat Bowl Lovely Cat Grey 4.90 EUR
Bowl for cat food with rubber base.
8.90 EUR 4.90 EUR 
Geoball and Stick with Cord - 47 cm 2.70 EUR
  • made of hard plastic
  • with wrist sling
  • 6.90 EUR 2.70 EUR 
    X-Mas Reindeer "Blase" 6.90 EUR
    With Squeezer.
    12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR 
    Latex Cow 2.90 EUR
    with Squeeker
    6.90 EUR 2.90 EUR 
    Bouncy Ball - 9 cm 5.90 EUR
    Made of tough nylon material. For playing, retrieving, tugging und throwing.
    12.90 EUR 5.90 EUR 
    Stainless Steel Bowl 1800ml 4.90 EUR
    High polished stainless steel bowl for dogs.
    12.90 EUR 4.90 EUR 
    X-Mas Reindeer "dizzy" 6.90 EUR
    With Squeezer.
    12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR 
    Glass Designer Bowl, 250ml 3.40 EUR
    Noble cat bowl made of glass with black ornament pattern.
    9.90 EUR 3.40 EUR 
    Valerian Heart Pillow Toy For Cats 1.90 EUR
    Made of red cuddly plush. Filled with 6g of valerian and German spelt
    3.70 EUR 1.90 EUR 
    Dog Clicker Basic 1.70 EUR
    Adjustable clicker tone. Uniform sound. Effective training due to the special sound signal. Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds. With ny...
    3.90 EUR 1.70 EUR 
    DoxLock Sidepatch Small AGILITY 0.80 EUR
    One pair DOXLOCK side patch for XXS, XS, S and M DOXLOCK canine harnesses. With Velcro and reflective font.
    1.90 EUR 0.80 EUR 
    Rubber Dog Toy Screwy 4.40 EUR
    Funny dog toy made of rubber. Shipped in various colors.
    7.90 EUR 4.40 EUR 
    Xmas Scarf - 90cm 8.40 EUR
    Red Xmas scarf for dogs. With "Merry Christmas" logo.
    14.90 EUR 8.40 EUR 
    Dog Bowl Swobby, 450ml 3.90 EUR
    Dog bowl made of stainless steel with special rim which prevents spills. Optimal suitable for car tours. Non-slip due to rubber ring.
    9.90 EUR 3.90 EUR 
    Target Stick 2.90 EUR
    With clicker button. Retractable from 14–65 cm. With nose-friendly ball. Belt clip with adjustable nylon cord. Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits...
    7.40 EUR 2.90 EUR 
    swirl - Scent-Beads Mild Care 2.20 EUR
    Fresh and pleasant – Scented pearls for dust filter bags.
    4.90 EUR 2.20 EUR 
    Cat Place Mat Pussy Cat 1.90 EUR
    Cat place mat, non-slip, platic.
    3.90 EUR 1.90 EUR 
    Super Blinki – the intelligent flashing Safety Light! 5.90 EUR
    Switches itself on when it's getting dark and it only flashes when your pet is moving (for example when running or walking)! The latest light and m...
    9.90 EUR 5.90 EUR 
    Subtotal: 98.30 EUR


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