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Ezydog - Quick Fit Dog Harness Black
Manufacturer: Ezydog
22.90 EUR 12.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Ezydog - Quick Fit Dog Harness Black
The EzyDog Quick Fit harness brings new standards of style, usability and comfort to you and your dog.

This harness is an entirely new concept, designed to allow you to harness or release your dog in just seconds.

Each harness in the size range has a generous amount of adjustment to ensure that the fit is snug and comfortable and the unique floating D ring for leash attachment moves easily from side to side as the direction of pull changes whilst the harness remains in the same position.

Fitting the harness is simplicity itself. It is placed over the dog's head and then just one click of a buckle and it is done. The Quick Fit harness includes an additional thickness of neoprene on the girth strap and a very hi-vis reflective patch on the front for greater safety at night.

Color: black

Available colors:

Size Girth Weight
XXS 24-38 cm 2-3 kg
XS 38-46 cm 3-6 kg
S 46-55 cm 6-10 kg
M 55-68 cm 10-19 kg
L 68-84 cm 19-35 kg
XL 84-107 cm 35+ kg

Available sizes: 

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