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Black Plastic Muzzle
Manufacturer: TRIXIE
5.40 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Black Plastic Muzzle
The Trixie muzzle is ideal for any breed of dog. Available in 6 different sizes, these muzzles fit all snouts.

Your best friend will be able to burn energy without any worries! Thanks to the open design, panting, which is so important for dogs, is possible even after extensive sprints.

In addition, the muzzle prevents your pet from eating put down rat bait or something similar lying around!

After adjusting the nylon strap once, it is easy and quick to put on with the click buckle and thus stress-free for all parties involved.

Product details:
✓ adjustable nylon strap
✓ tight meshing
✓ protects dog and man
✓ material: plastic
✓ colour: black

Please make sure that the muzzle is not too tight so panting is possible effortlessly!
Panting is a substitute for sweating and therefore extremely important for regulating body temperature, since dogs only have a small number of sweat glands.

The perfect muzzle size for your dog can be found in the table below.

Size = circumference inside
A = upper snout length
B = front height
C = lower muzzle length
D = front width
E = Width at centre
F = Height in centre

Size A B C D E F Example
1: XS (14 cm) 3,6 3,6 5,6 2,9 4 5,6 Jack Russell Terrier
2: S (17 cm) 4,7 4,2 6,5 3,4 4,9 6,6 Foxerrier
3: M (22 cm) 6,5 5,5 10 4,7 5,8 8,5 Munsterlander
5: L (26 cm) 7 6,8 11,5 5 6,7 10 Rottweiler
6: XL (31 cm) 8 8 13,5 5,2 7,2 12 German shepherd
7: XL (35 cm) 8,5 3,8 14,6 5,6 8 13,5 Newfoundland

approximate figures in cm

Please still measure your canine's snout, as there can be individual differences, just like with humans.
Available sizes: 

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